30 Tips for bloggers 

30 Tips for bloggers

Welcome to the day one of my blogging week. For those that don’t know what blogging week is, its a week where I will post guest posts (you can submit your guest post here) and tips to make us improve in our blogging skills. without further ado, here are 30 tips for bloggers.

  1. Create blog posts that answer the most interesting question
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Have a purpose for your blog
  4. Write for yourself first
  5. Build your email list
  6. Love your existing readers
  7. Get ideas from your audience
  8. Focus on building an amazing call-to-action
  9. Give stuff away
  10. Give it time
  11. Give your email list priority
  12. Write catchy headlines
  13. Be Yourself
  14. Keep it short
  15. Make it worth referencing
  16. Make your contents easy to share
  17. Don’t measure stats too early
  18. Invest in a good web design
  19. Plan blog posts ahead
  20. Connect with your readers
  21. Have a blogging goal and celebrate…

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