Have A New You By Next Year…..Literally! Plus Free 2017 Events

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I was aware that the body is always replacing/renewing itself, but I didn’t know the specific time periods for certain parts, …..like the stomach lining rebuilding in ONLY 5 DAYS and DNA renewing itself EVERY TWO MONTHS. Wow, pretty amazing! If you really let this sink in, it makes you realize we should never feel like some current condition or health issue is written in stone and can’t be changed for the better. Consider what might be possible between now and the end of the year if you really work with your body’s amazing ability to rebuild itself! 

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And while you’re building a whole new you, here are some upcoming events to help you support your body along the way……

PictureThe Winter of Wellness starts January 11th!

Ready to discover medicinal plants for cooling inflammation and the cutting-edge science on autoimmunity and inflammation? Then mark your calendar for the…

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6 thoughts on “Have A New You By Next Year…..Literally! Plus Free 2017 Events

  1. I’m so glad to hear that. I haven’t had much time lately for posting, but there’s a lot of information already accumulated on my blog, so there’s plenty to keep people busy, if they’re inclined to check out the archives.

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