Bay area shelter in place California

Bay area shelter in place new website for state eviction protections and homeowner relief. stay-home-except-for-essential-needs/

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San Francisco Bay Area counties issue shelter-in-place order

What does the shelter in place order in the California Bay Area mean?

Shelter In Place Bay Area

new website for state eviction protections and homeowner relief

What the FFCRA, CARES Act, California’s Shelter-in-Place Orders and Other Relief Measures Mean for California Employers


Travel during COVID-19 in California safely

Road trip checklist: How to prep for California car travel in the coronavirus pandemic.Travel during COVID-19 in California safely.SAN FRANCISCO COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) TRAVEL ALERTS.Opinion: For a COVID-free vacation, create a travel ‘bubble’ and do everything possible to stay in it.

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Summer Travel During COVID-19 in California: Can I Do it Safely?

Road trip checklist: How to prep for California car travel in the coronavirus pandemic


27 Bay Area Transit Agencies Release Joint COVID-19 Safety Plan

Can you travel safely during COVID-19?

Transit Safety Protocols in the Time of COVID

Opinion: For a COVID-free vacation, create a travel ‘bubble’ and do everything possible to stay in it

Vegetarian, vegan ingredients and plant-based alternatives with the recipes and health benefits

Vegetarian, vegan ingredients and plant-based alternatives with the recipes and health benefits

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Vegetarian, Vegan Ingredients and plant-based Alternatives with the recipes and health benefits

http://Vegetarian, Vegan Ingredients and plant-based Alternatives with the recipes and health benefits

Agar agar

According to ScienceDirect, “Agar (agar agar) is a gelatinous substance that is extracted from seaweed and processed into flakes, powders, and sheets. It is commonly used in Asian cuisines and as a flavorless vegan substitute for gelatin. Agar helps gel, stabilize, texturize and thicken beverages, baked goods, confectioneries, dairy products, dressings, meat products, and sauces.”
Agar gels at low concentrations; the gel is opaque in color and chewy in texture, making it versatile in both cold and hot dishes. A general rule of thumb is to use 1 tablespoon of agar flakes or 1 teaspoon of agar powder to thicken 1 cup of liquid.


According to Healthline, “Agave is a desert plant harvested to make tequila and sweet syrup. It was traditionally believed to have healing properties.”

Great on Salads, Veggies, Rice & Beans, Tofu, Tempeh, Potatoes, Meat, Poultry, Fish and Popcorn and in Dressings, Gravies & Sauces, Casseroles, Stir-fries and Macrobiotics.

Bragg Liquid Aminos

According to Bragg Live Foods, Inc. “Bragg Liquid Aminos is not fermented, is Gluten-Free and made from non-GMO soybeans and purified water. It is an excellent alternative for Tamari and Soy Sauce.”

Cocoa butter

According to, “Cocoa butter is a stable, edible and plant-based fat pressed from the cacao bean. The process begins with whole cacao beans, which are fermented, and separated from their hulls. The cacao bean is comprised of about 54 percent fat (cocoa butter), and the remaining part is fibrous solids (cacao powder). The goal is to separate the cocoa butter from the fibrous powder so that they can be recombined at varying levels to make chocolate. The beans are finely ground into chocolate liquor, which is pressed to remove the butter. Cocoa butter is an essential ingredient in chocolate and can also be used for beauty and cosmetic applications.”


According to WebMD, “Carob is a tree. Don’t confuse carob with Jacaranda carob which is also known as carob tree. People use the carob fruit for medicine and in foods. Carob is a cocoa-like powder that can be used in shakes, baked goods, and whenever a recipe calls for chocolate. Carob is sweet, high in fiber, and it contains calcium, iron, and phosphorus, but does not contain caffeine as chocolate does. Carob comes from the seed pod of the evergreen carob tree.
Carob contains chemicals called tannins, which decrease the effectiveness of certain substances (enzymes) that help with digestion. Carob might cause weight loss, reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and lower cholesterol levels.”

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is 100% fat, 80-90% of which is saturated fat. This gives it a firm texture at cold or room temperatures. Fat is made up of smaller molecules called fatty acids, and there are several types of saturated fatty acids in coconut oil. The predominant type is lauric acid (47%), with myristic and palmitic acids present in smaller amounts, which have been shown in research to raise harmful LDL levels. Also present in trace amounts are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

According to, “Coconut oil contains no cholesterol, no fiber, and only traces of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterols. Plant sterols have a chemical structure that mimics blood cholesterol and may help to block the absorption of cholesterol in the body. However, the amount found in a few tablespoons of coconut oil is too small to produce a beneficial effect.”

Egg Replacer

According to the kitchen, “5 Vegan Substitutes for Eggs in Baking Egg Replacer is a powdered formula of starches and leavening. Mix with water to use in recipes that call for eggs (muffins, pancakes, etc).
1 Ener-G Egg Replacer
2 Flaxseed
3 Silken Tofu
4 Baking Soda and Vinegar
5 Banana

Hemp seed nuts

According to Nowfoods,”High in Protein and Iron.Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids. They can be eaten raw, roasted, and salted, ground into a meal, enjoyed as a topping or used in a variety of baking applications. Hemp seeds have a delicious, mild, nutty flavor, making them a good substitute for nuts and seeds in many applications.

The seeds of the hemp plant have valuable naturally occurring essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, and their easily digestible protein content has amino acids in a perfect ratio for healthy nutrition. As with all nuts and seeds, hemp seeds also have naturally occurring fiber and minerals.”


According to Wiki, Kelps are large brown algae seaweeds that make up the order Laminariales. There are about 30 different genera.
Kelp grows in “underwater forests” (kelp forests) in shallow oceans and is thought to have appeared in the Miocene, 5 to 23 million years ago. The organisms require nutrient-rich water with temperatures between 6 and 14 °C (43 and 57 °F). They are known for their high growth rate—the genera Macrocystis and Nereocystis can grow as fast as half a meter a day, ultimately reaching 30 to 80 meters (100 to 260 ft).
Through the 19th century, the word “kelp” was closely associated with seaweeds that could be burned to obtain soda ash (primarily sodium carbonate). The seaweeds used included species from both the orders Laminariales and Fucales.”


Kombu is an edible kelp seaweed that can be eaten raw or cooked. It is commonly used in Asian cooking and usually sold in packaged dried strips.

Molasses or blackstrap molasses

Molasses or blackstrap molasses is a dark syrup leftover from the sugar production process. It is commonly used to flavor rye bread, baked beans, pies, gingerbread, and cookies. Molasses has a strong, bittersweet flavor, and a little goes a long way.



Miso is a salty-flavored fermented paste from soybeans, rice, or barley. It is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. Mix with water, then add to soups or gravies during the last phase of cooking, in order to keep the nutrients alive (do not boil it or it loses its nutritional properties). Also, add it to salad dressings and sauces.

Nama Shoyu

Nama Shoyu is an unpasteurized soy sauce made from soybeans. It has a full-bodied flavor and contains live enzymes. A healthful alternative to conventional soy sauce.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast is a food supplement grown on cane or beet molasses which comes in yellow powder or flakes with a ‘cheesy’ flavor. When nutritional yeast is made from a natural fermentation source and not from a synthetic or animal source, it contains enough vitamin B-12 to fulfill a daily requirement.

Protein Powder

Protein Powder is a protein supplement in powder form. Ingredients and nutritional value vary widely. Check ingredients for allergies. Choose one with low sugar or sweetener content and no additive.

Plant sources of protein include soy, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. More and more options are available for vegans these days. Meat alternatives like soy burgers, BOCA burgers and seitan (a thick textured meat replacement made from wheat gluten) provide a variety of options for those who want to re-invent some favorite meat-containing recipes. Soy “dairy” products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are also great options (and they’re often fortified with calcium).


Quinoa is a light, fluffy, tasty, fast-cooking grain that is high in iron, protein, and B-vitamins. Also known as “Food of gods,” it is an ancient grain native to South America. Possibly the best grain available.

Vegan Sour Cream


Seitan is a textured food product derived from the protein portion of wheat or wheat gluten. The seitan is high in protein and low in fat. Prepared seitan comes in a variety of flavors and textures. Some vegetarian restaurants also serve seitan in their dishes.


According to Wiki,” Spelt (Triticum spelta; Triticum dicoccum), also known as Dinkel wheat or hulled wheat, is a species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BC.

Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it now survives as a relict crop in Central Europe and northern Spain, and has also found a new market as a ‘health food’. Spelt is sometimes considered a subspecies of the closely related species common wheat.

Vegan -vegetarian restaurants, tea places list(San Francisco bay area, food, and delivery services)

Vegan -vegetarian restaurants, tea places list(San Francisco bay area, Canada, India, Nepal, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, New York). Delivery services.
Add your restaurant if we missed it. We do updates all the time.

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Add your restaurant if we missed it. We do updates all the time.

If you would like, please donate. (Our Paypal at)



The Bay Area restaurants for vegan, Plant-based versions of familiar sandwiches and vegetarian dining or Veg Out. Cooking classes.

Accommodate most dietary requirements.
Please check before ordering about vegan and non-vegan food.




Caffe Centro

Fog Lifter Cafe
1901 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127
Phone: (415) 349-4543


Lovejoy’s Tea Room San Francisco
1351 Church Street, San Francisco CA 94114


Samovar Tea Bar
411 Valencia St (15th Street), San Francisco, CA
(415) 553-6887


The Creamery
685 4th St. @ Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94107


Timeless Coffee
Churro waffle. Served with butter and pure maple syrup.
English muffin breakfast sandwich.
Quesadilla with fresh guacamole.
4252 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 985-1360


Restaurants and Cafe



Indian Tiffin Service Milton, Ontario

Home Cooked Food Meals in Milton, Brampton & Mississauga



The 50 Best Restaurants in India





All Spice
Corn and summer tomato salad
1602 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo CA
phone: (650) 627-4303



7648 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406
Phone: (843) 225-4786

Main Home


Ananda Fuara
1298 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 621-1994


Balompie Cafe
Under-$10 meals options.
3349 18th St., San Francisco. (415) 648-9199.


Baumé french cuisine moderne.
201 California Avenue, (corner of Park Blvd.)
Palo Alto, CA 94306 US
Text : +1.650.328.8899


Belmont Farmers’ Market
El Camino Real and O’Neill Belmont
(800) 949-3276



Brenda’s Meat & Three(vegetarian and other options)
okra and tomatoes, vegan collards, cauliflower gratin, garlic spinach, and the biscuits.
919 Divisadero St., San Francisco. (415) 926-8657.



60 Corte Madera Ave., Corte Madera. (415) 945-9096.



The Butcher’s Son(vegetarian and other options)
Plant-based versions of familiar sandwiches.
1954 University Ave., Berkeley. (510) 984-0818.


Cafe del Soul
Sun Salutation, Curry Don’t Stop!
Mill Valley: (415) 388-1852
San Rafael: (415) 457-5400


The giant, sticky, glazed cinnamon buns smothered with fruit or candy, that are also completely vegan. Cinnaholic offers experience in a variety of confectionery vices once reserved for ice cream and frozen yogurt shops.
2132 Oxford St
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 647-8684


Buddhist vegan restaurant.
the kinako (mushroom medley) noodles and hana gomuku, a seasoned sushi rice bowl, similar to chirashi, with vegetables.
Cash only.
762 Valencia St., San Francisco. (415) 252-7825.


1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley.


Core Kitchen
Plant-based, with noodles made of zucchini and collard green wraps. A kale salad at a vegan place.
499 14th Street
Oakland, CA


1310 Burlingame Ave Burlingame
(650) 344-1310 Peninsula.




2850 Quimby Rd #125, San Jose, CA 95148, USA

(408) 238-8686


veg-friendly mezze like her labneh wa ful (yogurt, fava salad), muhammara (red pepper-walnut spread) and hummus.
Dyafa: 44 Webster St., Oakland. (510) 250-9491.

Reem’s: 3301 E. 12th St., Oakland. (510) 852-9390. Also at various farmers’ markets.


Earthbeam Natural Foods
1399 Broadway Burlingame
(650) 347-2058 Peninsula


This vegan Mexican food stand near Ashby BART Station.
Tacos, huaraches and other antojitos made with fresh masa.
the banana-leaf tamales and pozole.
3031 Adeline St., Berkeley. (510) 981-8081.


Flying Falafel​
Tel: 415.964.1003
Fax: 408.228.8646


Hella Vegan Eats
The signature potsticker-stuffed burritos and seitan-chickpea burgers topped with fried vegan mac-and-cheese.
411 26th St., Oakland. (510) 480-6777.




Vegan (Veg Out)

509 Valencia St. (Mission). San Francisco, CA 94110



Garden Fresh
Chinese Vegan Cuisine.
Palo Alto
460 Ramona St
(650) 462-9298


Our cheeses and kinds of milk are made using nuts.
Our tortillas and tamales are handmade from non-GMO Organic heirloom corn.
2211 Mission St. San Francisco, CA
some of which is grown by us on the Be Love Farm.


(Reopen on October 15)
Old Fort Mason restaurant.
2 Marina Blvd., San Francisco. (415) 771-6222.


3906 Judah Street, San Francisco, CA 94122  •  415.665.8423  •


Kamakshi’s Kitchen
601 Old County Road San Carlos
(650) 401-6564


Loving Hut
Vegan menu.
Respect & protect Mother Earth through sustainable practices including by being vegan.


on the Alameda Vegan-Friendly
3539 Alameda de las Pulgas
Menlo Park
(650) 854-8226


pan-roasted fingerling potatoes with pear ketchup instead of chili cheese fries.
5912 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 735-9459


Mensho Tokyo
Ramen Tomoharu Shono’s noodle soups.
vegan tantanmen (made with kombu, mushrooms, soy cream and seven kinds of nuts) is unbelievably rich.
672 Geary St., San Francisco, (415) 800-8345.


1213 Burlingame Ave Burlingame
(650) 343-3228


Nature Vegetarian Restaurant
Vegans an abundance of Chinese options.
1116 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 238-9688


Next Level Burger(Veg out)
450 Rhode Island St. (Potrero Hill)


Nourish Café

Nourish Café is 100% plant-based and uses organic, whole foods and non-GMO ingredients.

Nourish Cafe
189 6th Avenue
San Francisco, California 94118, US
+1 415-571-8780


Olive Garden


Pepples Donut Farm
Donuts and coffee, a delicious vegan snack.
6037 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94608
(510) 712-0295


Pompeii Ristorante

100 State St Los Altos, CA 94022


Potala Organic Cafe
soup, rice, legumes, greens, mixed vegetables, and salad.
1045 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 528-2375




Sanctuary Bistro
Waffles, a vegan cheese plate, and a polenta scramble.
1019 Camelia St
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 558-3381


Saturn Cafe Berkeley
Tofu scramble, home fries, soyrizo, guacamole, vegan tofu spread, and fresh salsa
2175 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 845-8505


Oakland vegan restaurant.
The old fashioned macrobiotic plate of brown rice, beans, and simply seasoned vegetables.
4001 Linden St., Oakland; (510) 547-1842.



vegan sushi bar and izakaya is a traditional food.
rolls are made with a rainbow of vegetables like marinated eggplant and green mango.
370 14th St., San Francisco.

(415) 678-5767.


Souley Vegan
Country-style seitan and okra gumbo.
301 Broadway, Oakland. (510) 922-1615.



(650) 600 8310

448 California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Home Page


Tartine Manufactory
pastries and bread ( vegan )
595 Alabama St., San Francisco. (415) 757-0007.


Thai Idea
Most Thai dishes that seem vegetarian often have fish sauce or “hidden” non-vegetarian ingredients.
710 Polk St., San Francisco. (415) 440-8344.


Timeless Coffee(Veg Out)
965 College Ave. (Berkeley) and 4252 Piedmont Ave.


Trader Joe’s
1820 Grant St San Mateo
(650) 570-6140


Two Mammas’ Vegan Kitchen
3700 E 12th St
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 606-0596


Udupi Palace
The vegetarian Indian restaurant.
dosas and South Indian thali.
Be sure to bring cash, because the restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards.
1007 Valencia St., San Francisco. (415) 970-8000.


Urban Remedy
Bay Area organic plant-based food and juice chain Urban Remedy supplies that crisp and smoky fix with a signature eggplant “bacon,” on display in its VLT sandwich.


100% plant-based burger.
All dishes are plant-based and vegan.

UNITED STATES+1 415-548-8000


Vegan Donut Gelato
DONUT, Cake, Bar, Twist, Jelly, Apple Fritter, Bear Claw, Cinnamon Twist, Cinnamon Roll.
411 E 18th St
Oakland, CA 94606
(510) 839-8748


The Veg Hub
The Veg Hub is at the center of a plant-based lifestyle with our bistro and upcoming cooking classes.
2214 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 454-8722


Vegan picnic
Union Street Hours: (415-323-3043)
Weekdays 9:00AM-6:30PM, Weekends 9:00AM-6:30PM
Polk Street Hours: (415-508-6736)
Daily, 11:30AM to 5:30PM


Veggie Grill
Veggie Grill’s fast-casual vegan magic.


Vik’s Chaat House
Indian savory snacks.
The vegetarian items are prepared on separate equipment. Must orders include the mixed vegetable pakoras, cholle bhature and cauliflower parathas.
2390 Fourth St., Berkeley. (510) 644-4412.


Whole Foods Market
774 Emerson St Palo Alto
(650) 326-8676





Find Vegan Options in Pokhara (36)