Elegant Outfit when Traveling

Be creative always mix and match whatever you are comfortable that’s for your comfort zone.:)

Elegant Outfit when Traveling. For some people like Sweatpants, leggings and a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt to keep cozy during the flight.
converse and a jacket or a hoddie, simple and comfy. A nice, loose, comfortable skirt paired with a simple camisole and sturdy flats are perfect for the hot places. I also carry a scarf with me everywhere. Layering is a good idea.
For some of us use sweatpants, a shirt, and a sweater. It’s so comfortable. And as my feet are always cold I just take a pair of really fluffy socks in my bag and put them on as soon as I’m on the plane. 🙂



Beautiful Houseboats

I don’t want to comment on these videos. Everybody has a different opinion. I just want to write about my trip with my parents and brother and sister when we were little. we stayed on the houseboat for more than a week. Houseboat owner was so nice and he did take care of us very well.
We enjoyed it so much, I never ever going to forget the trip. The houseboat looks like this houseboat.The food wasn’t same like this.
Different food different place.
All houseboats are kind of same. We did enjoy our trip.:)


Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Not long ago I posted about Quamichan Lake and its many moods. The photos in that post were taken from the only place that you can park a car. Yesterday we found another access to Quamichan Lake, this one down a short trail in a beautiful housing development. There was a small fishing wharf but […]

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Beach vacation

Beach vacation

Thursday is going to be the day. I’m going on my second vacation with my boyfriend. Big deal, I know! It was hard enough for us to decide on what kind of vacation we want and where we’d like to go. While I do enjoy beach vacays and comfortable hotel rooms, my man prefers the […]

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Baltic Sea in Mecklenbur

Baltic Sea  in Mecklenbur

Rostock is Germany’s largest Baltic port. Rostock is also home to a large  ferry Port. It is a main base for ferry operators. Which both connect Rostock with major Scandinavian destinations.

Rostock has highest number of cruise tourists in Germany every year.

The Baltic Sea flows out through the Danish straits.  The flow is complex. A surface layer of brackish water discharges 230 cu mi per year into the North Sea.

The northern part of the Baltic Sea is known as the  Gulf of Bothnia  this is called as Bothnian Bay.

The fauna of the Baltic sea is a mixture of marine and freshwater species.


Cape Town – The Two Faces

Cape Town – The Two Faces



We wake up to our first glimpse of the the city of Cape Town. From our hotel room window we can see Table Mountain in front of us and the Lion’s Head to our right – the view is spectacular and we are surprised by just how close these two peaks are… [click to read […]

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