Healthy Eating..Peanuts!

Amazing presentation of healthy food. Real food will make us more beautiful. 🙂

Quite by accident ( we were drying) peanuts some must have escaped and took root so I can now say I grow my own peanuts. I am not talking about the salted peanuts that you buy in packets in the shop or supermarket but peanuts grown naturally and roasted or made into healthy […]

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Making products from raw material is adventures and healthy too. Every time when i go for shopping, i spend so much time reading ingredients. I found this amazing post so want to share with the world of friends. 🙂


As I made a new batch of my favorite deodorant I decided to share the recipe. It follows my love for minimalism plus my strive to use as many natural and clean products inside and outside of my body. Ingredients: equal parts of arrowroot powder (2 tbs.) baking soda (2 tbs.) liquid coconut oil (2 tbs.) […]

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Herbal Facial Steam

Herbal Facial Steam

I always want to use natural (everything is nature is natural) herbs. I found this beautiful post, which will good for the beauty and good health too. 🙂


Earlier this year, I ordered a crapload of herbs to make an herbal blend for one of my expecting friends. I’ve always dabbled a bit with some herbs here and there (usually lavender, mint & rosemary being my mains) but never really had this much to play with!

Herbs have so many beneficial properties and there are hundreds you can try for just about any ailment. For the steams, I focus mainly on using calming herbs and teas packed with antioxidants. I promise you it’s as magnificent as it sounds, and it’s really beneficial for the skin. I include it in my skincare routine once a week after cleansing and before a mask or my moisturizing step.

One of my favorite things about this herbal steam is how easy it is to make. Pro tip, if you don’t have any herbs on hand, just use whatever tea bags you have…

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Colorful Rings

Colorful Rings

In the flower bed in front of my daughter’s and son-in-law’s new house, this fungus surrounds the stump of some bush that had stood there. I find the color variation interesting – it reminds me of petrified rocks or cave crystals. Is anyone familiar with this type of fungus?

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New Skincare Phenomenon Facial Cupping Can Help Reduce Wrinkles, Puffiness

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Michael Phelps and the big red marks on his body put the practice of cupping in the international spotlight. Now, the technique is being touted as a new skincare phenomenon. The ancient therapy of cupping is known to decrease pain, increase blood flow and act as a type of deep-tissue massage.…

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10 Beauty Tips

10 Beauty Tips

You can’t watch Bravo, E! and other highbrow TV channels, or pass magazines like Us Weekly or Star in the check-out lane at the grocery store without being bombarded with pictures of the Beautiful People. How did they get that way? More importantly: how can YOU get that way? For the first time ever, secrets […]

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