Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park



State Route 12 is another scenic highway in Southern Utah. It is listed as one of Utah’s Scenic Byways. It starts near Capitol Reef National Park, ascends the Dixie National Forest to an elevation nearing 10,000 feet, and ends near Bryce Canyon National Park. Here’s just a few images I took when I traveled Highway […]

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Giant Rafflesia

Giant Rafflesia

What strange gigantic flower is here That shows its lonesome pallid face Where neither stems nor leaves appear J. Hunt Cooke The rare giant rafflesia grows only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Not long ago I posted about Quamichan Lake and its many moods. The photos in that post were taken from the only place that you can park a car. Yesterday we found another access to Quamichan Lake, this one down a short trail in a beautiful housing development. There was a small fishing wharf but […]

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Maple Oak

Maple Oak

gather the feathery choir their natural loft high upon branches and limbs maple oak and pine risers adorned with new leafing so many spring voices wear robes in a broad blaze of colors both vivid and subtle soprano and mezzo contralto and bass here and there a uniquely blessed coloratura with infinite range braces up […]

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“JUST TO PROVE WOMEN ARE NOT THE ONLY BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD GOD CREATED FLOWERS” The Keukenhof Garden is the world’s largest flower garden, and is truly a memorable sight in the spring. We visited this park in the first week of April. However, we felt maybe 2 weeks later would have been […]


Herbal Facial Steam

Herbal Facial Steam

I always want to use natural (everything is nature is natural) herbs. I found this beautiful post, which will good for the beauty and good health too. 🙂


Earlier this year, I ordered a crapload of herbs to make an herbal blend for one of my expecting friends. I’ve always dabbled a bit with some herbs here and there (usually lavender, mint & rosemary being my mains) but never really had this much to play with!

Herbs have so many beneficial properties and there are hundreds you can try for just about any ailment. For the steams, I focus mainly on using calming herbs and teas packed with antioxidants. I promise you it’s as magnificent as it sounds, and it’s really beneficial for the skin. I include it in my skincare routine once a week after cleansing and before a mask or my moisturizing step.

One of my favorite things about this herbal steam is how easy it is to make. Pro tip, if you don’t have any herbs on hand, just use whatever tea bags you have…

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