I always love to learn different countries food ,culture.:)


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Spectacular Christmas(Festival) Garland

Spectacular Christmas(Festival) Garland. Making any garland, please choose the colors according to your choice.:)

If not in this video. Please include in your comment and we will approve the video clip. Thanks.:)



Health benefits of parsnip

The parsnip is a root vegetable closely related to the carrot and parsley. Parsnips are native to Europe and Asia and were introduced to North America in the 17th century. Larger parsnips can have a woody texture, but smaller roots have a tender texture and sweet flavor. Parsnips’ hearty texture stands up well to roasting. Try combining […]

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Best time to visit Kruger National Park

Best time to visit Kruger National Park

This is the informative post for people like me to visit South Africa. I should have found this post before. I hope our friends will enjoy this information. Thanks.

We visited last year in April. Weather was good, for us. I don’t like hot weather. It was so beautiful.  We loved it. 🙂

Some say it’s best to visit the Kruger National Park during winter when the scarce and dry vegetation make game viewing easier. Others love the national park during shoulder seasons, when it’s less busy. Then there are those who swear on the summer months being the best to visit the Kruger National Park, when newborn animals, flowing rivers and green lush vegetation delight the wildlife enthusiasts.

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Countries in the world Germany

Countries in the world Germany

Germany is one of the beautiful country in the world. 🙂

In Germany their meals consist of three elements, “Grundnahrungsmittel” it consists- noodles, rice, potatoes. vegetables they love to eat salads, tomatoes and some other vegetable they have according to the weather.
German people respect the guest always.

Oktoberfest is the German festival and it is in month of September,  in Munich.


Coldest Places

Coldest Places 


When it’s raining and little bit cold we don’t want to go outside, but their are so many places people live in coldest place on earth. People adapt their life style according their weather conditions. In my opinion they are so CREATIVE. 🙂