Indian Chaat

CHAATS are snacks that are usually served at road side stalls.No Indian can resist these yummy delicacies. Chaats have earned a global share of fan following now.You can get them in any grocery stores marketed by well known brands. Nothing can beat the taste of home made Chaats. People have become so health […]

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A case study of the Northern Colorado Front Range temperature history

Temperature history



by Monte Naylor A comparison of NOAA-computed temperature trends with the “raw” historical temperature data.

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Don’t Start List

Don’t Start List

“If you are eating something and you find it difficult to stop, don’t start.” Said my super smart best friend Gail. That goes for healthy stuff too. We had this conversation yesterday morning. We both decided the first item on our “Don’t Start List” is cashews. We know they are considered healthy to most people. […]

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Beautiful Waterfalls in India

Beautiful Waterfalls in India


Water falls are everywhere in the world. Every water fall has their own beauty. In India my favorite water fall is Campty Fall in Massooree. I don’t know it is real name or other. I am little confuse.

North Cascades Highway

North Cascades Highway



Summer 2011 was the summer of road trips. I graduated from college in early June without any plan in terms of jobs. My travel plans, however, were plenty. But first, I had to make it back to Montana. I had my car out in Bellingham with me, but my mom and sister had driven out […]

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the o’connell street ocean

The o’connell street ocean

The perennial machinery must be serviced once a year, today’s the day, and the job is mine. I have a manual with clear instructions, watery words on transparent paper, and I study them closely with the tip of my nose— when you’re done, don’t forget the disco ball, although that might be written on the wall behind. […]

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Do I want photos that look like postcards? NO! Time to explore the filters in the NIK software. I think I like ‘Solarization’. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS:

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