How can we find what are the signs. It is always hard to find about yourself.

It is fun and creativity to find out. 🙂

Broccoli addiction & recipe

Broccoli addiction & recipe



I have an insane broccoli addiction that has existed since I can remember… It’s one of the vegetables I can eat everyday and will never get tired of. For the last year, or so, I have been averaging three packs of broccoli a week. Yes.. a week. It’s where I get most of my greens […]

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Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Niagara Falls has different looks every time we see. Every picture is beautiful and every photographer has their own passion about taking pictures or making videos.

Every video is so unique.:)

When i went their first time i didn’t know so much about Niagara Falls. For us it was so beautiful experience. Specially for me. I don’t have good geography skill.  When we went their second time. I had little bit more geographical  skill.

Now i am learning new places every day .

On Top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa


On Top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa



If there’s one attraction that you just cannot afford to miss when you’re in Cape Town, it’s Table Mountain. The mountain forms part of Table Mountain National Park and sits right in the heart of Cape Town. The views from the top are one of the most stunning, so it’s no wonder that Table Mountain is one […]

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Calgary Zoo honored for whooping crane conservation efforts

Calgary Zoo honored for whooping crane conservation efforts

Being honored for its efforts to restore the once critically endangered whooping crane to the wild is a true feather in the cap for Calgary Zoo, officials say. The zoo is being recognized, alongside several partner agencies, for its work in rescuing the once nearly extinct whooping crane and efforts to re-establish its wild population with…

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Same Yosemite, New Names

Same Yosemite, New Names

(YOSEMITE.COM) – As of March 1, 2016 Yosemite National Park has a new concessionaire “Aramark”. A few things have changed and here is some helpful information for you to understand the transition. Due to an unfortunate trademark dispute, several of the lodging properties in Yosemite National Park had to undergo name changes. The Ahwahnee Hotel…

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Boost Your Health With Microgreens


Boost Your Health With Microgreens


Spring is the sweetest time of year… when the nights are cool and the days are warm, beckoning us all outside where smells of rain and soil mingle. Join me, and plant something this spring! I’ve been in “constant gardening mode” due to a number of seminars I’ve been presenting lately on the topic of […]

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