Hairstyles for princesses

We can have princess hairstyle for the birthday party. It will be fun.:)

Hairstyles are the major part of the beauty of every woman. use your imagination 🙂 “Historically, hair is associated with charm and power. Probably nowhere in the world has so much imagination, thought and artistry been applied to hairdressing as in India. Not only the common man or woman but also the deities are identified […]

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Surreal Portraits with Scenescaped Hairstyles

Surreal Portraits with Scenescaped Hairstyles

Moss and Fog

Geneviève Bellehumeur and Anaïs Faubert have a fantastical series of hairstyles that embody an entire scene, be it a volcano spewing lava, or a medieval castle. From the artists:

We wanted to combine our strengths, both in photography and photo editing, to go beyond the flat reality of portraits and rather show a glimpse of the rich inner selves of our subjects. A way to show that behind our masks, we are complex and have dreams.

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Transform your hairdo in the name of the moon with these Sailor Moon kanzashi!

Transform your hairdo in the name of the moon with these Sailor Moon kanzashi!





Wargo Nippon’s new collection of Sailor Moon kanzashi are here just in time for yukata season! Summer in Japan is hot and humid, making us want to coop up at home and hide from the scorching sun. At the same time, the hottest season of the year also brings along traditional festivities such as fireworks…

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