Inexpensive Christmas and New Year Decor

Inexpensive and very beautiful Christmas decorations.:)




Coldest Places

Coldest Places 


When it’s raining and little bit cold we don’t want to go outside, but their are so many places people live in coldest place on earth. People adapt their life style according their weather conditions. In my opinion they are so CREATIVE. 🙂


Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Niagara Falls has different looks every time we see. Every picture is beautiful and every photographer has their own passion about taking pictures or making videos.

Every video is so unique.:)

When i went their first time i didn’t know so much about Niagara Falls. For us it was so beautiful experience. Specially for me. I don’t have good geography skill.  When we went their second time. I had little bit more geographical  skill.

Now i am learning new places every day .