Real Vegan Cheese

We can use easy way to make Vegan Cheese. Real Vegan Cheese they are making in lab. This is a different process but interesting to watch.:)




Best One Yet – Delicious Vegan Ice Cream & Giveaway

Looks like the best:)

I’m pleased to introduce you to Best One Yet, creator Helen and her delicious vegan ice cream!! Welcome to the Colorado vegan business scene, Helen! A little about Helen….. she’s originally from New Jersey and has been a food enthusiast her whole life. When she decided to become a vegetarian in 2009, she was excited to learn new ways of making natural […]

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Little bread ‘fantails’

Little loaves of bread can be gluten free or vegan.:)

I had never heard of fantails before this week when I saw an image of an amazing little bread creation on Instagram; of course, I immediately searched it to see what it was and how to make my own and found this method using a muffin tin. I then made two batches two days running […]

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Amino acids in different plant

I am not pure Vegan. I use milk products sometimes. Everybody always asks me how do you get your protein and amino acids. Occasionally I just smile or explain it.
It depends on the level of discussions. I don’t know what to say:)

Detta ämne är väldigt intressant för mig 🙂 Jag försöker att äta så mycket vegansk mat som möjligt men när man vill bli vegan så bör man veta sina proteinkällor. Inte alla grönsaker, frön och nötter är högkvalitetsproteiner. Egentligen finns det bara några få som faktiskt är det och innehåller alla nio av de […]

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Spiced Beet Burger

Spiced Beet Burger ~ Vegan, GF Would you like cooking from scratch? Doesn’t matter, but I love it as I always do because I don’t like waste any food. Also, it fits well in my financial budget. When I browsed around the IG, Beet always pop up most of the time. People always have […]

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Carbohydrates or protein

I was buying dinner for us from the restaurant. I think now you know, I am not a good cook:(

I like to go to the restaurant and check, how they cook.

Restaurant managers know us very well, they know what food my family like. In my family, everybody likes different food. I don’t eat the same food they like. We are vegetarian, but I eat vegan food (try to always). Every time I order the food, I don’t exactly know what their menu is. So the manager was explaining to me what food my family like and why don’t I eat and we were talking vegan, vegetarian, protein, carbohydrate.

It is hard to figure it out exactly what food has more carbohydrate, or protein.

Have you wondered how to tell which foods are carb’s without it feeling like a big project? This post is for you!

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Medicine for Cold and Cough

This year flu season started early. Compare previous years the flu vaccine is a little bit effective…
Home remedies are good alternatives and tasty too.:)

Solanum trilobatum is commonly known as Thuthuvalai in Tamil. In English, it is called as Purple fruited pea egg plant. Many people all over the world is not aware of purple-fruited pea eggplant. It is most beneficial and has medicinal values. Thuthuvalai has more thorns in its leaves. We need to clean it carefully as […]

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