The Cure from Cold with Vegan, Vegetarian soup

Vit C + zinc, Ginger, and Honey.

If you like take Zicam (Please ask your Doctor Zicam is a Homeopathy medicine) 🙂

The Cure for Cold everybody. I was reading comments and several people were asking about,” The Cure from Cold for Vegan, Vegetarians.”

We have a recipe for Vegan soup:)

The Cure for Cold.
The main reason we get colds is due to vitamin D deficiency, which is why it’s so rare in summer because our bodies synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. It can also be because of a lack of vitamin C.The flu is a season disease caused by low levels of 25 hydroxyvitamin D.

Always keep EARS clean.

Main part of the treatment for cold is–

1: drink water. 2: take medicine. 3: sleep, VICS on a chest, so it’s easy breathing

With 3 important things, we need some other things too. I am using some important conversations to treat Flu and Cold.
These things depend on what your allergies and conditions are and availability of the products. We don’t usually have all those things in our grocery or medicine racks.

Please take your Doctors advise also that is more important.

vitamin c, honey, lemon water. zinc tablets, gargle sea salt water. Spicy food, soup, OJ and tons of water a humidifier. Drink tea and sleep.
Take Theraflu for 4 days.
Or Zicam or Oscillococcinum at the first sign of a cold (i.e. sneezing, runny nose, extreme tiredness etc.)

Airborne tablet in 1 cup of water to protect yourselves from getting cold.
A teaspoon of elderberry, one clove of garlic.

From comments, half a glass of warm water and salt and the other half vinegar gargle about 5 times every 2-3 hours and your sore throat will be gone quicker

Cut an onion in half, put it on a plate next to your bed and leave it there, put the other half where you might be sitting during the day, should be in bed really so you can just use half the onion.
Stinks a bit but it’s bearable and does seem to clear a lot of the infection out. If the onion starts to look a bit discolored after a few days just cut that bit off and it’ll give a nice new fresh bit that will emit more oniony vapors.

For 2 days eat 3 cloves of garlic every three hours, Cayenne Pepper is very powerful flu and cold stopper
use leafy greens, nuts, and seeds with Vit D 1200 IU/day stay 20 min in sunlight if you are in sunny place. The flu is a season disease caused by low levels of 25 hydroxyvitamin D.

2 grapefruits, 3 kiwis, 2 apples, 4 oranges, some green grapes, a peach, and 2 plums with cinnamon sprinkle over the fruits.:)



Spiced Beet Burger

Spiced Beet Burger ~ Vegan, GF Would you like cooking from scratch? Doesn’t matter, but I love it as I always do because I don’t like waste any food. Also, it fits well in my financial budget. When I browsed around the IG, Beet always pop up most of the time. People always have […]

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Carbohydrates or protein

I was buying dinner for us from the restaurant. I think now you know, I am not a good cook:(

I like to go to the restaurant and check, how they cook.

Restaurant managers know us very well, they know what food my family like. In my family, everybody likes different food. I don’t eat the same food they like. We are vegetarian, but I eat vegan food (try to always). Every time I order the food, I don’t exactly know what their menu is. So the manager was explaining to me what food my family like and why don’t I eat and we were talking vegan, vegetarian, protein, carbohydrate.

It is hard to figure it out exactly what food has more carbohydrate, or protein.

Have you wondered how to tell which foods are carb’s without it feeling like a big project? This post is for you!

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Pistachio Icecream

Pistachio Ice cream



I have found my new favorite icecream of all times! Pistachio-avocado-banana-vanilla icecream! Believe me, this is the creamiest, sweetest, most mouthwatering icecream ever. And it’s 100% healthy! Nothing bad in there, only the best ingredients that fuel your body and helps you stay healthy and fit. Sounds good? I think so Let me tell you […]

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Vegan American breakfast

Vegan American breakfast

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It’s all in our mind.

It is always too much thinking what to eat for breakfast in the morning. In our house we don’t have any rule, we eat breakfast items for dinner or lunch too. I am too lazy to cook.

We need complete nourishment so this is the complete food for anybody. I think this could be anytime food, this is balanced food with no boundaries it’s an ART. 🙂

But good advise for our cooking lovers. They are real “ARTISTS”!

Mindset. 🙂


Why don’t we take a moment to admire this EPIC American breakfast with bacon, eggs and pancakes!! And obviously it is all vegan and HALF the calories than normal American breakfast would have. Macros for the whole thing 359kcal / 20C / 15F / 36P!

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Wild Garlic Tzatziki Amuse Bouche with matching Granita

Power Boost Drink

ice cream magazine

wild garlic tzatziki ©  DSC_4580wild garlic tzatziki © garlic tzatziki ©  wild garlic tzatziki ©

A warm day and wonderful lunch was appreciated by we two ladies wot lunched, with yumminess in abundance. The grounds of the boutique hotel had a pooh stick worthy, trickling stream and cutesy bridge for same. Come to think of it babbling old birds as well as the brook. Our surrounds were strewn with flowering wild garlic, it wafted mildly and prettied immeasurably upon our eyes.

Ones chum is a chef, so naturally I became the sous/fall guy/gall and was despatched to procure the not so wild, more a tad miffed garlic (?) which I duly lobbed into my huge portmanteau.

We divvied up the spoils, fortuitously I had the presence of mind to remove it from my bag and left it to loll and rollick about in the boot. Gifting Madam Chef, with the only carrier bag.

Our good lady chef is being encouraged, if not crowbarred…

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The $1000 Golden Opulence

The $1000 Golden Opulence


The most expensive dessert. The $1000 Golden Opulence. Its a work of art and creativity. May be we can try to make this dessert at home. 🙂

Use some inexpensive ingredients and flavors according to our taste.