Hey there, bloggers! About a month ago, I wrote a post about some destinations in Asia that I was interested in going to, which you can find here. Considering that I’ve only been to three countries there so far in my life– China, Taiwan, and Japan– I would definitely like to explore more of the […]

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Renedra Generic Scenery: Tents

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Renedra Saxon Tents, Renedra Generic Tents. Vikings provide “human scale”, while the side-by-by-side of the tents shows their own size variation.

By now, regular readers will know of my fondness for scatter terrain and especially terrain that is reasonably generic, so that it can be used in a variety of settings. With that in mind, and an eye to “fill in” a bit of a hole in my scenic collection, I picked up a set of Renedra’s Saxon Tents and 2 sets of Mixed Tents awhile back, in June of last year. This combination of purchases giving me two of each tents open, and two closed – enough for a couple of small camps or one large non-uniform encampment.

Renedra Saxon Tents

Renedra Bell Tents

Renedra Ridge Tents

Renedra Dog Tents

I finally decided to get them done and batch painted them during January, with a base of cream spray paint, drybrushes of bone, a spray…

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Whether being the view from my hotel or the greenery of a village, this place never disappointed me:OOTY AND MUNNAR.
It is located in Southern India. Mostly famous for its BOTANICAL GARDEN and scenic view.
I went there in the month of MAY and the view I got to see is really spectacular.
I wish I could upload more pictures.
Till then……

1munnar#KEEP_WATCHING 🙂 🙂

LOVE<3 ❤

Weekley photo challenge: IT IS EASY BEING GREEN

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Dinaric Alps

Dinaric Alps



Whenever I think of hills, the picturesque Eastern Europe comes to my mind. It reminds me of our last road trip before we left Europe in 2014…driving thru the rugged hills and mountains of Dinaric Alps, some with heavy snow and some with endless lush greenery. Those mountains and hills looked more bold and appealing […]

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AT THE VERY TOP OF THE EARTH IN BHUTAN, TIME IS RELATIVE. Your clock is six hours ahead of London, 30 minutes ahead of Calcutta, 15 minutes later than Katmandu. And it’s half the world and 500 years away from wherever you are right now. Imagine Britain during the Elizabethan era: men are wearing white ruffles […]

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Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon



Going over the 15,800’ pass was cold and breath-taking. We had no idea the drive to Colca Canyon would be so scenic. We’d planned this side trip many months earlier and had forgotten any details of what the drive would entail. The day before, we reviewed our itinerary and looked at a map. Somehow it […]

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