Healthy food

Every food has some kind of benefits. We don’t know which fruit has what kind of uses.All the facts we will know when we eat this amazing fruit. 🙂

Pineapple grow on very small plant, one plant give us only one pineapple. But we can reuse fruit to grow new plant. It is incredible to eat this exotic fruit.


Pineapples are incredibly delicious, juicy tropical fruits that come packed with health benefits and serve as an excellent source of nutrition. Studies have revealed that pineapple is able to prevent disease, lower cholesterol, improve digestive health, increase immunity and even have a positive impact on fertility. They can be eaten raw, canned, juiced, dried and […]

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Old Delhi, take a walk with me.

I am Pam Holland

I can’t believe it I lost an entire blog yesterday. I worked on it for hours.


So I open the door to the Alleyways of Old Delhi and let you into the world I experienced.

A thin, dark cavern is carved through the dense urban skin of Old Delhi. The array of tandoori ovens and open burners turn the alley into restaurant on the run.   An old man sits alone at the front of the shop cooking tempting dishes… I have no idea what they were, but he gave us one to sample, and it was hot, sweet and absolutely delicious.

Behind him, were a number of men preparing the dough and the filling, they enjoyed this funny lady photographing them.

They must have been good because my friend Anju bought some to take home.

Opposite this small room was the man making chai and a few friends gathered around him…

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Floating Bungalows in Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park.

Tasha's Oyster

After a long, 13 hour sleeper train we finally arrived at our destination. We dropped off our backpacks, hoping they’d still be there when we returned and headed towards wondrous 738-sq-km Khao Sok National Park. It is believed that this jungle is over 160 million years old which would make it one of the world’s oldest rainforests. Of all the places I visited during my month in Thailand, this was by far my favourite, and the most beautiful.


I’m a complete sucker for natural beauty and this national park drew me right in. With it’s limestone karsts coming out of every corner, I sat mesmerised at my surroundings on the boat trip towards the floating bungalows.


We stopped in a few places for a swim and soon arrived at our accommodation for the night, it looked less than sturdy, like it could have sunk into the water at any minute…

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Wonderlusting around the world

I need another lifetime to travel to all the places I want to see. To experience even a fraction of the wonders in the world. Though I’ve traveled widely I’ve yet to see even half of my own country (hopefully that will be rectified next year) yet still the allure of overseas cultures and countries […]

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Indian Cocktails To Beat The Heat

Indian Cocktails To Beat The Heat



Strawberry Caipirinha with fresh mint and strawberry in glasses If you’re looking to brace against the long and blistering Indian summer, here are 12 awesome recipes to quite literally lift your spirits. We reached out to some of India’s best mixologists, and twelve of them, including bartending doyen Shatbhi Basu and Kolkata’s mixing magician Irfan […]

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Desserts Perfect for Spring & Summer

Desserts Perfect for Spring & Summer


It’s that time of year, when the Easter bunny has come and gone, and summer is peeking around the corner. Around these parts, the heat is already breaking through chilly mornings, gardens are blooming with color, and sweet ripened berries are begging to be baked into scrumptious spring treats. 13 Chocolate Raspberry Confections […]

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