Erin made this

Erin made this

This is a good combination of fruits ,flowers and imagination.

In summer time you can feel cool climate when you decorate fruit this way this is my thinking.

For the party we can use our creativity and have fun with the art.

Bay Area neighborhoods carbon map

Bay Area neighborhoods carbon map


Christopher Jones, the program director of the CoolClimate Network and first author of a study about the Bay Area carbon inventory says, “This is the most granular carbon footprint assessment anywhere in the world. It includes everything: energy use, transportation, food, goods, services, construction, water and waste. No one has compared neighborhoods like this before.”  The research was conducted at UC Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, known as RAEL.  Daniel Kammen is a co-author and professor of energy and resources and of public policy and director of RAEL.

New interactive map compares carbon footprints of Bay Area neighborhoods