Science Museum London

Freed From Time

22 pics. The Natural History Museum⇐, Science Museum and fabulous Victoria & Albert Museum⇐ are all close together and very near South Kensington underground rail station. All are free to enter, although a small donation is usual, and have picnic areas (a wise choice).

It is advisable to download/save/print the museum map⇒. Their website is here⇒ and of special interest are the beautiful antique timepieces⇐ and the model steam engines⇐.

Newcomen type Atmospheric Engine

During the early 1700’s there was a developing energy crisis.  Coal was needed to fuel industry, especially the smelting casting and forging of iron.  Surface coal was becoming rare and deep mines were subject to flooding.  Pumping out by hand or animal power was inadequate so Newcomen invented the Atmospheric Engine around 1712 and they continued as the only kind of steam engine until 1802. 

The Atmospheric Engine filled a cylinder with steam…

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