Drinking Your Milk Fast and Furious!

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

We have entertained a lot of family over the past month here on the Ten-Acre Ranch. I do the best I can to prepare for family visits by inquiring ahead of time about what foods and drinks I need to have on hand to make things easy on our guests. One thing I have found to be a staple in many folks diet, is milk. But FD and I follow the Paleo lifestyle, which does not include dairy. Even though we are not super strict about it and still indulge in cheese (from grass-fed sources), milk is not something we keep on hand at all. So when our nephew Sid found a few spare days to come to Oklahoma last week, I knew I would have to buy some milk, and a lot of it.

When I visited with my sister, Juli, before Sid’s arrival, I learned that I would probably need two gallons of milk to…

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