Barcelona, Spain

Chernaja Kurica | est. 2016

Frankly speaking, there are not so many cities, which are literally breathtaking to me no matter, how many times I have been there. Their atmosphere shrouds you in from head to toe. Their beauty and unique style make you, sometimes unwittingly, thinking feverishly, how to stay there forever. And, of course, Barcelona, the proud capital of Catalonia, is one of those cities. Everything there is just so interesting: streets, people, shops, cafes, museums, parks… And to be honest even without any guide you can get happily lost for a couple of days. But we’ll still give you, as always, some ideas, what you can visit.


Antoni Gaudí is probably the most famous and talented admirer of Barcelona and he had a huge influence on how the city looks today. So you can even follow a special Gaudí route (click here), or just mark the most interesting places to visitin your travel planner:

  1. Sagrada Familia, or the famous Church…

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