Self-Drive Safari in Namibia: Freedom to an Enriching Experience

One of “The beautiful place”, in the world. 🙂

Want an awesome experience in Africa? Rent a 4×4 and set out on an epic journey. Seriously, there is nothing like the feeling of driving yourself through the beautiful landscape, the wildlife, the freedom. It actually ranks among my top 5 travel experiences. So here are my tips to help you plan your journey.


Namibia: This is my country of choice. It is safe, and has such a crazy diversity of landscapes and wildlife. Namibia is home to Etosha National Park where you can set up a base camp at one of several sanctioned camps and take day drives through the park where you will respectfully experience zebra, lions, elephants, giraffe, and a whole lot more. Stop at a remote watering hole, park and be amazed as you watch an orchestrated wildlife symphony as groups of animals pass right in front of your eyes.
Because you have your own vehicle…

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