imageThere is something about Edinburgh that causes my heart to beat faster. It calls me from along the train track as it gets closer and closer. The first glimpses through the carriage window are so bewitching that the moment the train arrives at the station I rush to wrap my self up in the incredibly old but beautiful buildings.

The old town whispers to me as I wander it’s alleys and along it’s  cobbles. I can hear deacon Brodie’s sly words, Dr Jekyll’s rising panic and Mr Hyde’s deception alongside the echoing voices of hundreds of generations of life.

The tartan carpeted pubs open their arms to embrace me and introduce a million magical whiskies to me. The haggis and Cullen skink dance across my taste buds. The people who call Edinburgh home , share it so happily with me  as the handsome kilted men stride around to the sound track…

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