Getting juiced up in India

Where to next?

sugar cane juice Pouring sugar cane juice

Street food is common across India, especially in the north, and so are street drinks.

The two most common drinks are fresh crushed sugar cane and fresh lime soda and, of course, we’ve had both.

Our first one this trip was in a restaurant in Khan Market in New Delhi. Poor John noticed a sign that said 100 rupees for a fresh lime soda. It was blisteringly hot, so we went in and ordered two sweet–salted sodas, which were delicious. But imagine our surprise when the bill was for 333 rupees (almost A$7) instead of 200!

Turns out the posted price applies only to takeaway. The same drink inside the restaurant is 120 rupees and then there are all sorts of taxes in the big city. Sure reminded us that Khan Market is very upmarket!

Last week in Munnar we had lunch at Rapsy, a family-style restaurant, with…

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