Dal Chawal with ghee/ Dal rice with ghee.


dal-chawal-12Just imagine – a large, banana leaf filled with up with many wildly flavourful and addictively vegetarian curries sitting alongside servings of dhal (lentils), spicy vegetables and a guaranteed-to-be-yummy dessert payasam. This is the way of serving a Kerala sadhya. Among Dal plays an important role with his companion ghee (clarified butter)dal-chawal-3There are many more variations of Dal… it differs from state to state, city to city, home to home.dal-chawal-5dal-chawal-9A dal or parippu is a must for a Sadya. Daal is the first course to have with rice. It is served with ghee. The aroma of melted ghee over hot rice and dal is really a great way to start a meal.dal-chawal-4This one is a true heirloom recipe. Simple, though very delicious!!

With few of our fellow bloggers we have created a food group in Facebook where we met few amazing food bloggers and food photographers out…

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