Southeast Botanical Garden Illumination, or Meaning of Christmas

The Sophomore Slump

Southeast Botanical Garden is just a stone-throw away from my work area. I finally got to go there, and I think I found the right timing. I have also been meaning to see some illuminations here in Okinawa, Japan, and it took me the last minute to actually do so.


It was raining a bit.


It was raining with lights a lot. 😀



I never had any Christmas post. I don’t do any holiday post, really. I hate incorporating religion into my topic of discussion. Well, I just had this school paper that basically talked about my meaning of Christmas when I was in grade school that want to share now. Of course this is not the same article but I remember the four meanings that I put. There are four things I think are the true meanings of Christmas. It all comes back to the origin.

1.) Simplicity – Christ was born in the…

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