Sugar Dusting In Sörenberg

Mrs. Twinkle

We were woken this morning by our three very excited children.
“Mummy! Daddy! It’s snowed!!!”
We were pulled downstairs to the big window in the lounge (as all the shutters on the windows upstairs were still shut) were acknowledged that we had a slight dusting of snow and drifted of to the kitchen for some coffee. Of course the kids were going wild planing snowball fights, building snowmen and going sledging…

© Mrs Twinkle

…but much to their disappointment it hasn’t snowed any more…

 …and it has actually nearly all melted.

© Mrs Twinkle

But I don’t think that they’ll have to wait to long for a proper snowfall and until then I’ve got time to sort out the winter gear in and find out what still fits these little beanstalks.

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