Look For A Positive In Every Day. 

Celtic Sanctuary


I have gone through some tough times throughout my life, however a work related incidence made me hit the depths of despair.  In 2011,  I hit rock bottom and looked for ways to end my life.  I had gone from a gregarious, fun loving, happy person to a deeply depressed, empty shadow.

This was my turning point.  I started looking for a positive in every day, something to be thankful for; blue skies, flowers, wind in the trees, birdsong, child’s laughter, a smile from a passing stranger.  There were positive things in every day and I was noticing them. I started to smile again.

This was the catalyst to change my life.  I went to classes about setting up a business at my local university and pushed myself into networking events. It was anxiety provoking but I was growing through it, gaining confidence and becoming the new “me”.

Work was coming my way…

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