British Christmas Pudding and Pie

- The Curious Rambler -

Christmas pudding and mince pies are found in the United States and other countries, but they just don’t have the same holiday importance that they do in Britain. Let’s have a look at these two essentially British desserts.

Christmas Pudding

Thirteen years ago, we were preparing to experience our first Christmas in England. December rolled around and I started to hear people talk about “Christmas Pudding.” Their eyes would sparkle and they would smack their lips, and I couldn’t wait to try this obviously delicious treat. Of course, to my American mind, pudding was a semi-liquid, custardy-type food and I wondered what the British did to make it so special.

Then, one day, my chance came. I was in a restaurant and saw Christmas Pudding on the menu. I was very excited to try it and was looking forward to the end of the meal when it would arrive. When…

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