Health Tip #14: Incorporate Coconut Oil into Your Life

28 and Counting...

Coconut oil is very trendy, so I feel that I need to put this out there: I used it religiously before it was cool. Generally, I don’t hop on bandwagons or encourage others to do so, but this is one instance where I would suggest that you make an exception. If you haven’t already gone crazy for coconuts, you should reconsider! However, not all things are created equal, so ensure that you get a high quality coconut oil that you can consume worry free.

Health Tip #14: Add Coconut Oil To Your Life

coconuts-892580_640 (2)
Coconut oil is so versatile that I am sure one of my ideas below will work for you!

10 Uses For Coconut Oil
  1. Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer
  2. You can use coconut oil to replace eggs or butter
  3. You can mix coconut oil with your dog’s food to soothe allergies and irritated skin…

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