Junior Earplug Adventures: Those Magnificent Earplugs (Part 23)


Naturally Chester and Miles wanted to see for themselves. Chester was quickest, and so leapt upon the Omnipresent Scanner…


…and what he saw astonished him. For there, right in front of him, swam this image…


“What is it?” Miles called as he witnessed a thousand emotions cross his brother’s face.

“It’s…it’s…” Chester stammered in reply. “It’s a sentinel robot. A red-eyed sentinel robot!”

“But I thought they’d all been either destroyed or packed off to the future, with their metaphysical tails between their metaphorical legs!” Miles exclaimed. Then, more thoughtfully, he added: “What’s it doing?”

Chester strained to see from an alternative angle…


“It seems to be operating some sort of power transfer device.” He said nervously. “And I’m not entirely certain it has complete control over it.”

Then, annoyingly, Chester lost control of the scanner. Instead of showing events inside the duplicate museum, now the view shifted to…



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