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The wholemeal spelt-flour sour-dough starter continues to thrive – it is a very-much-alive and hungry beast:

Raw Spelt Loaf

In between loaves of bread and to fully utilise this thriving ferment I have been making delicious light crepes and pancakes (adding milk or water, an egg, some baking powder and baking soda and rice bran oil):

Spelt Pancakes

Rolling it out to make a pizza base or making beer battered onion rings has been a satisfactory use too:

Spelt Pizza BaseSpelt Beer Battered Onion Rings

It is such a rewarding pastime – some made with organic white flour and oatmeal using the same starter; the loaves often come out of the bake in interesting, artistic forms:

The latest (and current favourite) has been some spiced, sour-dough fruit loaves using wholemeal spelt flour with the addition of mixed dried fruit. Stepping up production in the barbeque oven – an oatmeal white sour-dough loaf and a spiced fruit sour-dough loaf.

Spelt Round Loaf cooked in barbeque
Have there…

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