15 Good Habits of Great Students

Your post is incredible. Going to college should not be stressful, it’s part of the life. Deal it.:)


We’ve all met that guy in college who was only concerned with getting by. He wasn’t shooting for an A or even a B. As long as he scored a passing grade and made it to the next semester, he was A-Okay.

Better students understand that a $60,000 college degree is actually a $60,000 investment. And quite often, this is an investment we have to repay out of pocket.

In fact, whether the degree is funded by student loans, savings, or someone’s generosity, there are far more benefits to being a great student than an average one.

Benefits come in the form of scholarships, grants, a greater likelihood of support from family members, and a better cushion should you fail a test or course in your college career.

But what is it that makes some students do better than others? What are some good habits of great students? Here are…

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