My visit to Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Nice Pictures from historical places. 🙂

The Versatilist

A quaint town silently sits on the sides of river Betwa in the erstwhile famous Bundelkhand region, expressing through its magnificent but worn out forts, a part of history that it has witnessed, a history that is rich with stories of spiritual beliefs and the legacies of many rulers that ruled this town.

A cool early morning breeze greeted me when I reached Jhansi railway station.  From there, I hired an autorickshaw to Orchha. After crossing a small distance within the city, the auto turned to a stretch of road which connects the honks and hustle to the serene. I felt a sense of calm grow inside me as my ride rushed on the empty stretch, as if, the thick roadside greenery rejuvenated by the monsoon rains was sharing its joy with me.

My stay was booked at Amar Mahal, a magnificent hotel sitting right on the river ghat, adorning…

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