Rajasthani Platter( Rajasthani Thali)

Looks so yummy!!!!

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Rajasthani Cuisine  refers to the cuisine of Rajasthan,India.  Rajasthani cuisine is based on  of royal cooking,lots of pure ghee use in cooking,artistic cooking.Jaljeera (spiced lemonade)is  most famous drink in Rajasthani cuisine, Platter/Thali is made with,salad.bread,rice,dal,khichdi,curry,dessert,chutney means sweet,salty,sour  all flavors in one platter with healthy salad and drinks.In Rajasthani cuisine  bread(roti) are small in size.Maize(Corn),Chick pea,Millet  based food  is part of Rajasthan cuisine.Carom seed,Cumin seed main spice used in lots of recipes.


    •  Dal Baati(baked wheat flour  flaky round ball  with  spicy mix lentils)
    • Khoba roti(Artistic ,thick ,crispy ,wheat flour bread)
    • Mawa Puran Poli(Dry fruits and mawa stuffed small wheat flour bread)
    • Salad
    • Gatta pulav(Flavored rice made with spicy chick flour dumpling)
    • Kathiwadi khichdi(rice and lentils cooked with vegetables and spices)
    • Phulka(soft wheat flour bread)
    • Missi roti
    • pickle
    • Lobia curry(Black eyed  beans cooked with tomato onion gravy)
    • Govind gatta curry(Cottage cheese stuffed gatta cooked in onion yogurt gravy.
    •   Mango Dal…

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