3D Spectrum Analyser

From comments,

Blondie SL
2 years agoThis is the most professional presentation on the subject I’ve seen here in Youtube! You have much patience. Some nice tricks too that I would have never thought of. Brilliant idea of using a coat hanger to hold down components! I’ll be steal…I mean, borrowing that idea! 🙂

John Smith
2 years agoBeautiful!Best video I’ve seen in a long long long time!!

3 years agoImpressive dude. Could you not have used an infinite mirror for a similar result? That is actually what i thought it was at first. You would only need one layer of LEDs and it will be a lot slimmer.3REPLYHide repliesPianistos3 years agoNo because in an infinite mirror the LED light is repeated infinitely in depth. Here the depth can represent time. Ex. the effect you see at the end of the video is sort of a fountain where depth represents time delay. You cannot replicate it with an infinite mirror.2REPLY9teen8efore3 years agoAh OK, sorry I skipped through some of the video. It would still be a good idea to make an infinite mirror version, without the time delay. It would look pretty cool.

Damian Cheng
1 year agoThis is what you called DIY, truly impressive!


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