Cape Town – The Two Faces

Cape Town – The Two Faces



We wake up to our first glimpse of the the city of Cape Town. From our hotel room window we can see Table Mountain in front of us and the Lion’s Head to our right – the view is spectacular and we are surprised by just how close these two peaks are… [click to read […]

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I arrive in Los Angeles at eleven in the morning. The plane lands half an hour early but following apologies from the pilot I am sat on the runway for an hour and a half. Leaving the airport itself is easy as it is an internal flight, no passport controls to deal with. Outside I […]

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Cauliflower Alfredo pasta

Cauliflower Alfredo pasta

Hey pixels!! Do you want some healthy food?? Cauliflower vitamins, soy proteins and fiber. Can you ask for more? Doubt it… Oh, yes, you can ask for a wonderful flavour, too. Well, this is another thing you will find in this amazing recipe!! You’re welcome, my happy pixels!! No, now I’m being serious. This is […]

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Smallest Countries In The World

Smallest Countries In The World

This is amazing for me to know about smallest Countries. I want to share with everybody. 🙂