It’s a Banana plant !

It’s a Banana plant !

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Okay,  I’m blogging again. You’re wondering what this is all about…. a banana plant ?

Well, it’s a long story, but I’ll make it short.  Two bloggers  annoyed me , and I just cannot stay silent. I will not mention the names of their blogsites, but I know some of my readers had been there, and LIKED  the post.

So , what is it all about ?  This blogger  wrote about him being in a jungle somewhere in South America, and  told a story about being attacked by a snakelike reptile that was ready to devour him.


Above photo is his.

So I was like,  Eh?  This is a joke, right. But , the  stupid me responded with ” Uhm, that’s a banana plant, and that purple ” head” hanging is eaten as a vegetable. Now, if that was a joke,  he should have responded with something like , I’m not serious…. of course, that’s a…

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