Once upon a time, on a bit of a whim, I ended up in Madrid. I went with a group of total strangers through an art trip offered by a local college. I was pretty desperate to get out of town and I wanted to go somewhere refreshingly far away. I am so glad I […]

via Madrid; A City Of Museums, Gardens, and Culture! — By Land and Sea


2 thoughts on “Madrid

  1. I was blessed with a High School Spanish Club where it only cost us $350 to travel for over a week to Spain. I was 17 so I was foolish and didn’t take many photos but I did sell my blue jeans and bought two pretty and precious Lladro figurines. I really like the artist who created their designs.
    Madrid was beautiful with majestic churches, museums and fountains. I loved Barcelona and Valencia for their simpler but equally special details and artistic elements. We stayed in universities, where we slept in dorm beds and ate dorm food. It was fun but a distant memory! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for telling us about your experiences. We are so thankful to read all those beautiful stories you shared with us. 🙂


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