More Inexpensive Fountain Pen-Friendly Paper: Wheat Straw Printer Paper

Fountain Pen Follies

Step Forward Wheat Straw paper

Okay, I am not someone who delves deeply into the paper end of the fountain pen hobby, admittedly, but I was surprised by this one. Wheat straw paper?

Yes: wheat straw has been turned into paper.  Initially, this was puzzling. But my dad used to eat shredded wheat cereal for breakfast. That stuff definitely tasted like paper.

Thus, wheat straw paper. It works nicely with fountain pen inks, appears to be better for the environment than regular paper, and it’s inexpensive. So I’m going to give this a try.

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Inky Fingers notebooks

Up there is how I learned there was such a thing as wheat straw paper. A very sweet friend brought me these two Inky Fingers memo notebooks from the Washington DC pen show.

In size, the notebook resembles a Field Notes memo book, about 5 12 by 3 12 inches.

Field Notes and Inky Fingers notebooks


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