A foodie escape in Montpellier: where and what to eat

Where The Foodies Go

I got a little nostalgic today so I opened one of our travel diaries and…BANG! Got totally hit by the incredible memories of our foodie escape in Montpellier! Wish I could go back right now!

Montpellier has everything a city can offer : not too big, not too small; typical narrow streets you’d find in a small town in Provence but also big and modern districts; Lots of green where you (and your kids) can feel like living in the countryside; French and international cuisine. Ok, now you want to visit, right? So, Here are some experiences we had just wandering around the city.

First thing you notice is its vibrancy: lots of people on the streets, artists performing, stalls! Don’f forget to take a walk at happy hour time…so many people around!

The old town centre is so beautiful…just walking in it is delightful! If you have some time, do not miss to…

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