To put on the bucket list: Moustiers Sainte Marie and the “Gorges du Verdon”

Where The Foodies Go

As avid travelers and food lovers, visiting Southern France together has always been one of our biggest dreams. Last April, after nine years and a lot of searching, planning and mapping, we finally made it happen!

The magic of our “French affair” lies in our love for French gastronomy, especially French cheese! Therefore, when we planned our trip, we accurately took notes of all the things we wanted to taste! After two weeks and 4200 km, we left that foodie fairyland with a lot to write about.

We’re happy to share our adventures and tips  with anyone who wants to visit this amazing part of the world!

Among the places you surely cannot miss, there’s the beautiful Verdon Gorges! This huge and stunning Canyon, dug by Verdon river, is situated between the two “départements” of Var and Alpes de Haute Provence.

Parc National du Verdon

We arrived to the Canyon after driving along the…

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