Bayugan City

Senior High School

Bayugan was formerly a sitio of Barangay Maygatasan, Esperanza. By year 1942, Japanese troops entered the sitio. Six years later, the Department of Public Works and Highways conducted a survey for a national highway that would connect Butuan with Davao City. By this survey, possible town sites were identified and among them was the Barangay Maygatasan. However, the National highway passed through the sitio of Bayugan instead of Barangay Maygatasan. Migrants started settling in the sitio of Bayugan, thus, prompting the transfer of the proposed town site.

In the early part of 1960, the people of Bayugan passed a resolution creating the sitio of Bayugan into a barrio. A year later, barangay officials worked out the creation of Bayugan into a regular and independent municipality. Their petition was granted by Executive Order No. 440 on August 6, 1961. Year 2007, Bayugan became a city.

Map of Bayugan City, Bayugan City Agusan del Sur

Located at the northern part of…

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