Conquest of Larch Valley

Expedition Hobo



Larch Valley


My fourth day in Banff started out like the others, an early wakeup call and I was off to breakfast. The difference was the light rain that had enveloped the town. The rain that everyone had been warned about had finally come. It was predicted that it would rain almost every day of my visit. I had been spared my first three days but it had finally come. Thoughts went through my head, “would the precipitation get worse?” I stayed positive during breakfast and geared up for the hike to Larch Valley. This hike, along with Johnston Canyon that was closed, was my top destination so my anticipation was high. I went outside to wait for the hiking tour van to pick me up and the intensity of the rain had gotten worse. Nine hikers and one guide, we all had the same thoughts; would the weather…

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