Old Faithful

Adventure 69°North

In addition to Grand Prismatic, Old Faithful is one of the most iconic landmarks in Yellowstone. I knew I had something to look forward to, but was still surprised with the size and variety of Upper Geyser Basin where Old Faithful is located. We ended up spending the whole day here.

The best advice we got was to stop by the visitor center immediately upon arrival as they have the schedule for expected geyser eruptions posted on the wall. We used it as basis for planning the day to ensure we didn’t miss out on any eruptions.

Erupting geyser

Old Faithful

Everyone is here to see the famous Old Faithful Geyser erupt. You will understand when she is getting close to erupting by the large crowd gathering in the viewing area around the geyser. She will erupt approximately every 90 minutes so you’ll have several opportunities to the world’s most famous geyser blow water…

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