Making Mindful Time!

Up and Down The Rabbit Hole

Its a recurrent theme in all of our lives at some point or another.

‘…..sorry not got time for that’ ‘I can’t stop, I’m running out of time’ ‘where has the time gone….’


We all live by second, by minute, by hour, by day, by week, by month, by year. Our milestones and yearly goals are all prefixed, we have them all planned out. In fact, some of us are five to ten years ahead of ourselves, literally aging ourselves within a moment’s breath. We have diaries and schedules rammed full of anything from very important meetings to a holiday in the maldives in a years time – if you are actually fortunate enough to be able to make time or afford them.

Another major thing with schedules and goals, is that we are so busy and focused on them, that we literally steal our own time. We use that…

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