San Francisco, fifty years…


Welcome back on Equinoxio Airways, your Time-Space shuttle. This is the second leg (Leg? Whaddaya mean “leg”? English is a weird language) of our journey to San Francisco, back and forth between 1965 and 2016. Half a century but who’s counting? Just make sure your seat-belts are securely fastened.

8 2016-07-06 15.16.15.jpg

San Francisco 2016. Hold your bar-Mitzvah in a Cable car. Seriously? I must have slipped into a parallel universe.


December 1965. A cold winter light. This was probably at the corner of Market (street). Bank of America was already there. Not sure Woolworth still is.


Alcatraz in the background. What year is that? Check the cars.

18 2016-07-10 07.47.30.jpg

The streets of Frisco today. Same old, same old…


Hopping back fifty years. Again, I beg you: make sure your seat belts are properly fastened. You can download the manual on


Golden Gate Bridge, 1965. No fog…

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