San Francisco, half a century



“Half a century? What d’ya mean, dude?”

“Fifty years plus change.”

“Still don’t get it.”

“I first went to San Francisco in 1965. Half a century ago. Plus or minus margin of error.”

“Fifty years, dude? That IS scary.”

“You’re telling me!” 🙂 The above is the Cable car turnaround of Powell and Hyde, December 1965. Check the clothes, hairdo, white socks. In those days, passengers turned the car around. Not’ny more. Dude.


The Cable car today.


Back in ’65. Nobody had really heard of Kerouac yet. But white socks were definitely in fashion. To the right: yours truly, fascinated.


Today’s turnaround on Powell and Market. Now they pay people to turn the car while tourists are queueing.


Jumping back 50+ years. Again, check the clothes. 🙂


Down Powell at full speed.


To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn…

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