The Twilight Zone: San Francisco


0-2016-07-06-17-02-38“Two eggs, over easy? More coffee honey?”


The waitress was middle-aged. She had curlers on. And late fifties, early sixties glasses. You know the kind? Tear-shaped with fake diamonds. A cigarette was dangling from her too-red lips. “Want more coffee honey?”


“Honey?” I blinked. Nothing. Closed my eyes. Opened them. I was back in the 21st century at Lori’s Diner on Powell and Sutter. San Francisco’s secret gate to the Twilight Zone. No curlers on the waitress’ hair in this time-slot.

2-2016-07-05-15-55-383-2016-07-05-15-27-48Breakfast (Two eggs, over easy, please) at Lori’s is to go back in time, fifty, sixty years.


Did Marilyn ever play “The creature from the black lagoon”? (This one is for Kim). Did you?


His master’s voice…


The gravity defying “Blomb” (Blonde-bomb) shell is probably Jayne Mansfield. The brunette could well be Jane Russell. Don’t ask the gentleman on the right, he…

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