Microwave Khandvi

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What joy can you get when you find a way to make one of your favourite snack in a quick and easy way.. Result -making it more often and enjoying it; that’s what I discovered. Making khandvi on stove is a tedious process where you need to continuously stir it and with toddlers around it’s hard to do that.

But this process of making it in microwave is much easier and simple. It’s not my invention; I have also discovered this method over internet. I though this simple, easy and quick method would be suitable for my blog as my blog is for Everyday Meal Ideas – Simple & Easy so had to try it..

Hope you all enjoy this recipe. Thanks for stopping by and reading.. Happy Cooking 🙂

Microwave Khandvi

Blend the mixture well.

Microwave Khandvi1

Make sure no lumps are formed.

Microwave Khandvi2

Microwave for 2 minutes, then remove the batter and mix it…

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