The Fitbit Challenge is ON!!!!! (The key? Incovenience Rules)

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Don’t pull me into a real challenge and think I’m not gonna win!! Yes, I’ve been off my Fitbit game for a minute, but that’s because I was on to yoga for a hot sec (literally, hot yoga. Whew.) Some friends of mine pulled me into a real challenge this week with REAL incentives involved (losers buy dinner + drinks = I’m in)! Watch out peeps – I’m comin for ya. PS – here are a few extra Fitbit tips below that I picked up on my last Fitbit challenge this time last year (especially if you have a very sedentary job like the majority of Americans).

img_6293-1ANDREA’S TOP 10 FITBIT TIPS: How to get 10K Steps in a Day With a Sedentary Job

With a Fitbit, inconvenience rules. Yes, indeed it does. What do I mean by that? We’re often in such a hurry and life is moving so quickly that…

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