Spanish Flan/Ispaniškas desertas „Flan“

Lithuanian in the USA

This Spanish dessert “Flan” literally melts in your mouth. Perhaps one of the tastiest Spanish sweets. Dessert is very light, mild flavor and when made it can simply disappear in a minute. In Spain these desserts are available in each store, in various sizes and there are a variety of flavors, but the classic taste is always vanilla, and, for me personally, vanilla flan, is the most delicious.

The dessert cooking process is quite fast, it just takes longer when dessert is baking , and, of course, until it gets cold. From the recipe you get 3 small desserts, but if you like this kind of delicacies, then you should double or triple the portion. The most important moment of the making process is caramel, you shouldn’t overheat it, since then the caramel can simply burn and you’ll need to make it again. Thus, when the caramel starts boiling, then keep an eye…

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